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DIY Terracota Pots

If you know me virtually and been hanging around my Instagram occasionally, you probably know I been having a proper love affair with succulents for many years now. I have a fairly big front and back garden which I'm always working on cause gardening is one of my biggest hobbies, but as I've probably complained about a million times before, the lack of sunsh[...]

Stupidly Vegan Popsicles

Let's pretend it is summer in the UK *hiding from rain* and let’s pretend it hasn’t been forever since I posted a recipe, ok? good. Now that we’re done pretending let’s get down to business. I’ve been fairly addicted to blitzing stuff lately. might be baby-food related issues but idk so let’s move on. I’ve been blitzing and grinding and basically turning e[...]

Baby Green

I spent most of my 20’s hating on anything baby related. the last time I’ve dealt with/held a living breathing baby was when my little brother (now 19) came into the world when I was 12. I did my fair share of nappy changing at the time and swore to never do it again as an adult. I always thought babies are annoying, noisy, messy little humans, and as far[...]

Cinnamon Apple Strudel

Hello food lovers. It’s been a while. and in a while I mean 6 long month without a single recipe on my blog. but hey, lets not talk about how I was too busy being pregnant and eating my body weight in amazing food instead of blogging about it ok? let’s just talk about how it’s winter and there’s nothing more comforting for these aching cold bones than a slic[...]

So long, 2014.

Holy fuck what a year it was. So much has changed (yet weirdly stayed the same) and so much to look forward to in 2015! *phew* I shamefully realised I haven’t picked up my digital camera in a couple of month because I was too busy shooting film n’ stuff, and despite being “a photographer” (lol) I barley took any pictures of my bump! As I’m approaching the[...]

Grow Up & Blow Away

Hey so, remember when you were 20 and all them adults told you that eventually you gonna grow up and you were like “no way man, i’m gonna stay young until I die!”… well I hate to break down the news for you, but you will, eventually, grow up. Ofcourse, your spirit will still stay young and all dat carp, but there comes a moment in life when you actually sta[...]