“Born with a rare genetic condition called The Viewfinder Syndrome, I spend my life wandering the universe with a camera glued to my face.”

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Across the Desert

Have you ever got up in the morning, drank your coffee, and decided to go on a cross-desert adventure? well, I totally have. I spent most of the month in sunny Israel, and when I got bored of fresh mountain air, greenery and sea views (lol, as if i’d ever get bored of these) I’ve decided to go and explore a part of the country I have last visited 15 years[...]

Coffee & Walnut Cake

My better half celebrated his 30th birthday last week, and when I asked him what cake would he like to get for the occasion (because I’m like, the genie-in-a-bottle of all cakes) naturally, the coffee addict responded with “COFFEE CAKE!”... to which I responded with “DUH’!" I mean seriously, this cake wins EVERYTHING. just typing these two words together [...]

Into the sea, You & Me

The way I see it - there are 4 types of people in this world: 1) The woods people - who likes to hang around a bunch of trees, dump soil, and strange mushrooms. 2) The desert people- who like all things dead, space-like topography, awful heat, and all kinds of yellow/orange shades. 3) The snow people - who likes their toes purple, the colour white, thrive[...]

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