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Pumpkin Spice Doughnuts 🎃

Happy Halloween you guyyyys! 👻 I haven’t been updating much in the past few month, I have big pile of excuses reasons for that, like how crazy busy summer was, like how my toddler joined a nursery and it was just a big hectic transition time for all of us, like how I got a...Read me

Peanut Butter & Jelly Fudge Brownies

Wait WHAT?! how come it’s May already? it’s like April wasn’t here at all. my parents were visiting from Israel (more like, escaped the almost month long jewish holiday period) and I was so occupied with hosting them and simultaneously running around the house like a mad dawg after my toddler (a.k.a the energizer bunny), that...Read me

Pistachio & Olive oil Cake

Masterchef: The professionals is one of my favourite BBC shows and I’m always inspired by the stunning pastry efforts of the contestants there. The show ended last month and left me wanting more! it also left me with an unforgettable recipe for this amazing cake. They obviously don’t give away their recipes on the show...Read me

Strawberry & Rhubarb Crumb Pie

When I moved to the UK in 2006, there were a bunch of new foods I had to get to know and adapt to. I remember the first time I came across Rhubarb in the supermarket “what is this strange fruit? how do you even pronounce it? wait, is this even a fruit?! WHAT IS...Read me

Stupidly Vegan Popsicles

Let’s pretend it is summer in the UK *hiding from rain* and let’s pretend it hasn’t been forever since I posted a recipe, ok? good. Now that we’re done pretending let’s get down to business. I’ve been fairly addicted to blitzing stuff lately. might be baby-food related issues but idk so let’s move on. I’ve...Read me

Cinnamon Apple Strudel

Hello food lovers. It’s been a while. and in a while I mean 6 long month without a single recipe on my blog. but hey, lets not talk about how I was too busy being pregnant and eating my body weight in amazing food instead of blogging about it ok? let’s just talk about how...Read me