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Peanut Butter & Jelly Fudge Brownies

Wait WHAT?! how come it's May already? it's like April wasn't here at all. my parents were visiting from Israel (more like, escaped the almost month long jewish holiday period) and I was so occupied with hosting them and simultaneously running around the house like a mad dawg after my toddler (a.k.a the energizer bunny), that writing my monthly post totally [...]

Oliver - The First Year 👶

Last May I promised a post about how motherhood is going for me…. but it took me forever to actually be able to write this post for a very simple reason, it takes time to actually know how motherhood is going for one, it’s definitely not an instant thing. Oliver just celebrated his first birthday, I’ve had time to know him, to get used to him, to practice m[...]


We spent the majority of January in Israel, visiting family & friends, but mostly escaping the deadly weather in England in favour of some sun & sea - and boy did we get a lot of it! we stayed in two major cities, Tel Aviv and Haifa, and one village, Zichron Y'aakov, during our 3 weeks trip - that means shitload of traveling and constantly moving fro[...]

Pistachio & Olive oil Cake

Masterchef: The professionals is one of my favourite BBC shows and I'm always inspired by the stunning pastry efforts of the contestants there. The show ended last month and left me wanting more! it also left me with an unforgettable recipe for this amazing cake. They obviously don't give away their recipes on the show (SHAME!) but I rerun it a few times an[...]

2014 + 2015 M U S I C 🎤

2015 was a weird year in terms of music for me because I spent most of it making up for a very quiet 2014. During my second and third trimester of pregnancy I simply couldn't listen to any music whatsoever. all I wanted was to sit alone in a dark room as quietly as possible. I tried everything, from classical to speed metal, nothing worked and I just wanted[...]

🎃 First Halloween 🎃

My favourite time of year is upon us again, only that this time it's a pretty special one since it's Oliver's first halloween! how fucking awesome is that, to be able to have a "first" of everything... kinda makes me want to be a baby all over again if only for that. 🕷 Of course, a first Halloween calls for a first photoshoot! I mean, a real set-up [...]