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I love destroying things, and if there’s one thing I enjoy trashing the fuck out of in particular, is 35mm films. Like everything in life, experimental photography is really fun as long as you don’t over-do it, so I don’t fuck about with my film rolls too often. however, when the destroying spirit is upon…Read me


Im a big fan of DIY jobs. why? well, first of all, there’s nothing I hate more than spending money on shit I can do myself. second, it’s quite a rewarding & highly satisfying job. Thankfully, I’ve been blessed with what they call “golden hands”, I’ve always been good with fixing/disassembling/building/painting things and simply love…Read me


The internet got awfully boring once I’ve mastered it. I’ve been on almost every social media site possible for the past decade, I did the tits n’ ass thingy on SG in 2003, had 7 million page views on DeviantArt by 2007, then moved on to maintain a pretty successful photo-blog on Flickr ( &...Read me