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Grant Museum of Zoology

I’ve been living in London for 7 years now, 5 of them spent living in the quiet leafy Hampstead Garden Suburb, and I rarely ever venture into the city centre anymore. Although I am only a mere 15 min tube ride from all the hustle and bustle, I love staying in my quiet zone where the birds are singing, the trees are green, and not a single city worker run me over with his stupid bike (I’ve had plenty of these when we lived east side, THE SHEER HORROR) nor am I being squished to death by an angry mob of tourists. so yeah, I’m mostly out and about around the Hampstead-Highgate-Camden triangle which brings a certain peace of mind. However, those rare times I do venture into the city centre I get to totally feel like a tourist in my own city, and I fucking love this feeling! Being tucked away in my little suburb often makes me forget that I live in one of the coolest fucking places in the world, and since this is most likely our last year living in London – I intend to make the most of it and try to explore a bit more!
With that said, discovering places I never knew existed in London still blow my mind because I pride myself in knowing (almost) every little thing there is to do and see in this city… so when I scrolled through my Instagram feed the other night and noticed a photo someone took inside the Grant Museum of Zoology, my jaw literally dropped to the floor because 1. I never knew this place existed despite visiting the UCL many times, and 2. BONES! DEAD THINGS! SKELETONS! PRESERVED SPECIMEN JARS! TAXIDERMY! It’s like, all the things I love most in the world tucked into one museum.
It was an exceptionally sunny morning when I hopped on the tube downtown, and I was just utterly happy when I arrived there – that place was just too good to be true! also, the fact that I was completely alone (except for a few research students) the whole 3 hours of my visit was pretty fucking cool as it felt like I had the place all to myself! I took billion photos and discovered so many animals and things I never knew about… this little museum is now my new favourite place in London :)

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