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Dear East London;

We first met two years ago. I moved up from a small and deadly seaside town called Brighton, and didn’t really know what to expect. of course, I’ve visited you in the past, but actually living inside you was the start of a new adventure for me. we didn’t get along at the beginning. I…Read me

A Street Cat Named Bob

I first met Bob on a sunny afternoon in July 2011. I was just coming out of Angel’s underground station when I noticed quite a handsome looking man standing in the middle of the sidewalk handing out copies of The Big Issue. what really drew my attention to him was the fact that just by…Read me

Autumn Shades

The days are getting shorter… the nights are getting colder… seems like autumn has arrived! I love this season, mainly because photography wise it provides the best backgrounds and weather for kick ass photos. It’s not too sunny anymore, which means you don’t get the harsh overexposed (yet always charming) results you get with a…Read me


The internet got awfully boring once I’ve mastered it. I’ve been on almost every social media site possible for the past decade, I did the tits n’ ass thingy on SG in 2003, had 7 million page views on DeviantArt by 2007, then moved on to maintain a pretty successful photo-blog on Flickr ( &...Read me