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2013 M U S I C

My oh my what a crazy fun year I’ve had! but more important, surviving this year without music would have made it pretty shit, right? right! so let’s go over the 10 best albums who made 2103 AWESOME. 1. Tyler The Creator – Wolf If Tyler’s 2011 album Goblin was “almost there”, then 2013’s Wolf...Read me


NOVEMBER: Turned 30, finally got my long anticipated British citizenship, spent the entire month in Israel, travelled the country, slept in strangers beds, laughed until my stomach hurt, got some ink under my skin, drove for hours, resisted temptation, gave and received the best of hugs, precious time spent with family & friends, finished 6…Read me

Instant Pleasure – Polaroid Land 250

My first instant memory; I am 2 years old, it’s my birthday, all my loved ones are here and granny pulls out this strange looking camera I’ve never seen before out of her bag, all excited about her new purchase she hand it to my dad asking him to take a family portrait just before…Read me

The London Tattoo Convention

The last time I have attended the London Tattoo Convention was in 2006, which was a good 7 years ago. it was right after I moved from Israel to the UK, the convention was still running at this old dungeon-like venue, and I mainly went there for the sole purpose of meeting my tattoo artist…Read me

A Day With:

During my years as a photographer, I’ve given numerous interviews to all kind of online/printed magazines. some people makes a fuss out of these things – well, I mostly feel awkward about them.Read me