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Oliver – The First Year 👶

Last May I promised a post about how motherhood is going for me…. but it took me forever to actually be able to write this post for a very simple reason, it takes time to actually know how motherhood is going for one, it’s definitely not an instant thing. Oliver just celebrated his first birthday, I’ve...Read me

Baby Green

I spent most of my 20’s hating on anything baby related. the last time I’ve dealt with/held a living breathing baby was when my little brother (now 19) came into the world when I was 12. I did my fair share of nappy changing at the time and swore to never do it again as...Read me

Grow Up & Blow Away

Hey so, remember when you were 20 and all them adults told you that eventually you gonna grow up and you were like “no way man, i’m gonna stay young until I die!”… well I hate to break down the news for you, but you will, eventually, grow up. Ofcourse, your spirit will still stay...Read me


One of the most important things to me, as a person and as an artist, is change. I’m a firm believer in the fact that change is essential for one’s survival in this crazy universe, you have to always aspire to evolve, progress and better yourself in each and every aspect of life – if...Read me

Winter Sun

It’s no secret I’m not a fan of winter, especially the british winter which has a tendency to turn me into a very gloomy and depressed creature between December & March. However, so far winter is behaving! it hasn’t been that cold up til’ now (knock on wood) we haven’t seen a single snow flake…Read me