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2016 MUSIC 🎸

2016 was a phenomenal year for music. I’ve been listening to a huge volume of new albums this year, and having that crazy passion for music running through my veins again just feels truly amazing. I did my best to narrow down my long long list to just 10 albums but it was a hard...Read me

2014 + 2015 M U S I C 🎤

2015 was a weird year in terms of music for me because I spent most of it making up for a very quiet 2014. During my second and third trimester of pregnancy I simply couldn’t listen to any music whatsoever. all I wanted was to sit alone in a dark room as quietly as possible. I tried everything,...Read me

2013 M U S I C

My oh my what a crazy fun year I’ve had! but more important, surviving this year without music would have made it pretty shit, right? right! so let’s go over the 10 best albums who made 2103 AWESOME. 1. Tyler The Creator – Wolf If Tyler’s 2011 album Goblin was “almost there”, then 2013’s Wolf...Read me


I thought I was a ghost, as it turns out all this time i was a cloud. I thought I was a ghost, a form floating air, im freezing. I’m a cloud: the one thing you cant hold that still casts a shadow.Read me

2012 M U S I C

2012 was a kick ass year for music with so many good releases, so with a little statistical help from last.fm I’ve made a list of my TOP 10 ALBUMS for 2012! :)Read me