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🌈 DIY kool DYE

As some of you may have noticed, I am a serious yarn hoarder. This relates of course, to the fact that I’ve been a serious knitter/crocheter for many years now, and this old hobby of mine sure does require an insane amount of yarn because I’m always working and creating new stuff. other than that...Read me

DIY Terracota Pots

If you know me virtually and been hanging around my Instagram occasionally, you probably know I been having a proper love affair with succulents for many years now. I have a fairly big front and back garden which I’m always working on cause gardening is one of my biggest hobbies, but as I’ve probably complained...Read me

Instant Pleasure – Reclaiming Type 100 Negatives

Recently I’ve decided to take a little break from shooting 35mm and invest my time doing fun stuff such as taking shitload of polaroids using the Fuji FP-100C & FP-3000B peel-off films and experiment with doing emulsion lift/transfer (which I’m gonna cover in the future) and reclaiming negatives in a process I’m gonna discuss today.Read me


Im a big fan of DIY jobs. why? well, first of all, there’s nothing I hate more than spending money on shit I can do myself. second, it’s quite a rewarding & highly satisfying job. Thankfully, I’ve been blessed with what they call “golden hands”, I’ve always been good with fixing/disassembling/building/painting things and simply love…Read me