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So long, 2014.

Holy fuck what a year it was. So much has changed (yet weirdly stayed the same) and so much to look forward to in 2015! *phew* I shamefully realised I haven’t picked up my digital camera in a couple of month because I was too busy shooting film n’ stuff, and despite being “a photographer”...Read me

Night Of The Dead

Ever since I’ve been robbed off my Purim due to living abroad (which is the only day in the year you can walk down the street dressed like a corpse and get away with it) Halloween became a much better replacement and my favourite non-jewish holiday! For this year I was planing a deadly-low-key shot...Read me


One of the most important things to me, as a person and as an artist, is change. I’m a firm believer in the fact that change is essential for one’s survival in this crazy universe, you have to always aspire to evolve, progress and better yourself in each and every aspect of life – if...Read me


I’ve been to many beautiful places around the globe, but Paris has always been my favourite of them all. It’s my fourth time in Paris, last time I was there was in 2010 so it’s been four years too long if you ask me! There’s just something about this city, on it’s many attractions, that...Read me