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2014 + 2015 M U S I C 🎤

2015 was a weird year in terms of music for me because I spent most of it making up for a very quiet 2014.
During my second and third trimester of pregnancy I simply couldn’t listen to any music whatsoever. all I wanted was to sit alone in a dark room as quietly as possible. I tried everything, from classical to speed metal, nothing worked and I just wanted my silence. This was probably the weirdest and shittiest side effect that came along with being pregnant, so from August til’ I gave birth in March I listened to ZERO music…. THE HORROR.
As quickly as this side effect came, it was also gone within literally 3 days after Oliver was born, to my absolute relief, and ever since then I’m sort of making up for lost time with great music in my ears, which is why this post contain a few albums from 2015 and a few from 2014.
(For those of you who noticed last year’s top-10 post is missing and emailed me about it – I do apologise!)

So without further ado, let’s dive the fuck in! 🐠

[red_title title=”2015″ subtitle=”Top 6 albums” style=”red-title-centered” ][/red_title]


Sóley  – Ask The Deep

My no.1 album for this years is personally the most anticipated and belong to the Icelandic little fairy Sóley Stefánsdóttir. I anxiously waited for this follow up on her exceptional 2011’s I sink and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Sóley is telling us dreamy, atmosphere-soaked stories, in her tiny, yet powerful voice. She sings of loving the devil himself, as if she’s constantly surrounded by eternal darkness. oh, I can relate.
It’s a very winter album, quite melancholy and often gives you the shivers, 10/10 from me.



Ceremony – The L Shaped Man

I remember a couple of weeks before this album came out, I was taking a bath and scrolled down fb when I noticed Ceremony released a first single from it, so I was playing it on my phone in the bathroom, it was late night and I had candles all around me and I was honestly expected the usual ear-killing tempo-wrecking tune to ruin that beautiful zen moment I was in, but what came up on my screen was the video below (clocking at 7:32 you should watch until the very last second). So I was laying in that hot bath playing this video again and again until the water turned cold. it just hit a spot, you know?
Their sound has changed and some fans do find it hard to swallow, think Morrisey meets The National. Luckily for us, and less for Ross Farrar, the break down of his relationship provided us with yet another great masterpiece.



Elliot Moss – Highspeeds

It’s easy to compare Elliot Moss to Bon Iver. He uses keyboard & beats to stir up similar emotions, and it seems like heartache is often his main subject. The most noticeable thing about Highspeeds though, is that it’s about giving up. while For Emma, Forever Ago clung to the past – Highspeeds is the work of someone who knows the past is long gone.
This is the sort of album that will keep you hypnotised until the very last second of it.



Drug Church – Hit your head

Nothing about Hit Your Head makes any sense, and that’s why it’s so fucking great; The band consist of a singer from an art-rock collective and four dudes who previously played pop-punk and the result sounds like a party of weird kids. it’s brutal it’s dirty it’s the fun kind of punk, it’s everything you hoped and wished it would be.

(for some weird reason YouTube made my original video from the album unavailable so I’ve replaced it with an equally awesome song from their smashing EP that came out at the beginning of the year)



Run Forever – s/t

Run forever’s 2010 release The Devil, and Death, and Me was one of my fav that year, it was an exceptional debut album but sadly, non of their later releases made any impact on me, so I kinda lost interest in the band. Thankfully ,2015 sees the release of a new album, arguably their best up to date. Those warm and fuzzy melodies/dissonant reminds me of Pedro The lion at times… and this is probably the biggest compliment a band can get from me. Well done Run Forever!



Kendrick Lamar – To pimp a Butterfly

Kendrick Lamar’s sound is something you rarely find in hip hop anymore. it’s raw and takes you back to the “good old days”. (you should totally watch Straight Outta Compton to get ma feels) He’s throwing a healthy dose of jazz and funk into his rhymes, which is something I highly appreciate. Compton’s golden boy is here to stay.

Also, this is hands down the best music video of 2015.


[red_title title=”2014″ subtitle=”Top 4 albums” style=”red-title-centered” ][/red_title]


Timber Timbre – Hot Dreams

It was early June 2014 when the boy & I were walking the colourful streets of Haight-Ashbury in SF, when I stumbled across a funky looking tattoo parlour and decided to venture in to check stuff out. the first thing that caught my attention when I walked through the door was the music they played in the background so I literally sat down listening to it for a good 15 minuets….it was SO good. one Shazam later and I found the band was the oh so Canadian Timber Timbre, and I kinda hated myself for a moment there because I only just discovered them. I hate being late to a good party! long story short, we spent the next 3 weeks in California listening to their entire catalogue 24/7.
I often associate music with people I’ve met, places I’ve been and feeling I’ve (stupidly) felt, and Timber Timbre will forever be San Francisco and the best of times for me.
Stories apart, TT is the kind of folk/blues you NEED in your life, and Hot Dreams is the kind of album that provide just that. get hooked.

(this video is not from the new album – but it’s my favourite song so DEAL.)



Code Orange – I Am King

Most days I would just like to go out on the street and punch random people. I’m not weird. I just dislike 99% of humanity. Walking down the street listening to I am king highly increases the chances of me actually punching people. that’s pretty much what this album do to you.
It’s heavy, angry and very dark…it’s like a good punch in the mouth, and the occasional goosebumps on your arm, something Code Orange were always exceptionally good at.



Dillon – The Unknown

Much like Sóley, the first thing that hits you about Dillon is her voice. it’s weird and unique, and accompanied by soft electronic beats and keyboard that makes it stand out in the most beautiful way. Dillon’s previous albums always had something slightly mysterious and a bit melancholic about them but in her last album she turned it up a notch, the result is a quiet electrified album perfect for rainy days, and gosh do we have a lot of these in the UK.



Manchester Orchestra – Cope

MO were always one of my favourite bands, but somewhere in 2011 with their previous album Simple Math something kinda went wrong. maybe it was just me having a bad year, but I simply couldn’t connect to that album. It left me highly disappointed and anxiously waiting for a new one to arrive and bring back the mojo. roll on 2014 and that one has landed.
Singer Andy Hull said: “We wanted to make the kind of album that’s missing at this time in rock: something that’s just brutal and pounding you over the head every track, Whereas Simple Math was a different palate with each song, a different color, I wanted this to be black and red the whole time.” and it is, black and fucking red.
So happy to have the good old Manchester Orchestra back.

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  • August 1, 2016 at 22:08

    Hi Bracket, lovely post!!

    It would be awesome if you can make a post about movie recomendations


    • August 10, 2016 at 09:13

      I don’t watch movies much so that’d be a problem hehe :)
      I mostly like 80’s and 90’s classics!

    • October 6, 2016 at 00:27

      And books? :)

      • October 9, 2016 at 11:27

        I don’t read much either.

  • December 28, 2015 at 02:00

    Thanks so much for these Miss B! You’ve added a lot of music to my collection over the years, back to maybe when you weren’t blogging on the website quite yet? Either way, always wonderful suggestions!

    Hope all is well with the fam and your circle of the world :)

    • January 1, 2016 at 22:02

      Cheers B! glad my tunes are reaching over ^_^

      Happy new year to you and the soon-to-be wifey!! <3

  • December 21, 2015 at 17:54

    Cool recommendations! I love Soley =]

  • December 21, 2015 at 09:10

    Great post kittyB, thankyou so much for finding Timber Timbre late to the party so I could be EVEN LATER to it.

    Glad you are able to listen to music again! Enjoy your Christmas with your little boy<3

    • December 21, 2015 at 09:47

      Thanks K! Smoooches xoxo


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